Nick Verstand (1984) is a contemporary artist researching human perception and consciousness. His large-scale immersive art installations – spatial compositions of visuals, light and sound – transform human behavior into hypnotic environments.

Co-creations of artist, object, and audience, Nick’s intuitive surroundings trigger exploration and interaction. They form sensory experiences that touch upon the subconscious mind.

Nick has collaborated with artists like Fatima Yamaha, onformative and Children of the Light, and exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, SXSW, Gabriel Rolt Gallery, Lumen Prize and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

selected exhibitions



SXSW (Texas, USA)

Leeds Digital Festival (Leeds, UK)

Athens Digital Arts Festival (Athens, GR)

Netherlands Film Festival (Utrecht, NL)

Design Society - Victoria & Albert Museum (Shenzhen, CHN)

Marineterrein (Amsterdam, NL) - alongside Ai Weiwei

Dutch Design Week - with VPRO (Eindhoven, NL)



Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, NL)

SXSW (Texas, USA)

Reykjavik Art Museum (Reykjavik, ISL)

Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam, NL)

MTA (Beijing, CHN)

Kassel Documentary Film Festival (Kassel, DE)

European Union Summit (private event)

FORMS (Toronto, CAN)

Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam, NL)

Amsterdam Dance Event (NL)

Royal Concertgebouw (Amsterdam, NL)

EYE Film Institute (Amsterdam, NL)

Gabriel Rolt Gallery (Amsterdam, NL)



TEDx (Delft, NL)

EYE Film Institute (Amsterdam, NL)

Amsterdam Dance Event (NL)

Fiber Festival (Amsterdam, NL)

Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam, NL)



Lehrter Siebzehn Gallery (Berlin, DE)

Amsterdam Dance Event (NL)


selected awards

Lumen Prize - finalist in the category 3D/Sculpture

FWA Award - winner


selected presentations

SXSW (Texas, USA) - Linking Art & Science Through Technology

RTL Late Night (NL) - Muziek Maken Met Je Emoties 

FORMS (Toronto, CAN) - AI In Art Is Metaphor

MTA (Beijing, CHN) - Discovering Interfaces Between Art, Technology and Sound

Fiber Festival (NL) - Man-Machine Interfaces In Contemporary Art

HKU (NL) - Realising Multidisciplinary Art Projects

Blink YoungBlood Award (NL) - head of jury

Amsterdam Dance Event (NL) - Sound Lab

Pakhuis de Zwijger (NL) - AVATAR


selected publications

The Chicago Tribune (USA)

Frame Magazine

The Creators Project (USA, CHN, NL, DE)

Mister Motley (NL)

Engadget (USA)

RTL Late Night (NL)

The Berlin Agenda (DE)


Trendtablet (FR)

National Post (CAN)

3FM (NL)

Dutch Culture USA



selected collaborations

Fatima Yamaha


Children of the Light


Detroit Swindle

Ruben van Leer

Matthias Oostrik

Nikki Hock

Ramsey Nasr



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Fluid, shimmering patterns flow on the surface of a luminescent orb suspended in space, tones oscillating, encompassing the room. ANIMA is an immersive installation that investigates the emotional relationship between humans and artificial entities, through the use of movement, texture, light and sound.

The spherical imagery, which emanates from inside the object, is achieved by use of a single projector coupled with a hemispherical lens. Both image and sound are generated in real-time, based on the entity's contingent perception of our presence.

ANIMA interprets our behaviour and portrays its character by responding to the viewer with an array of audiovisual expressions. Through this behavioural process, the installation creates the illusion of being a sensory autonomous entity, thereby challenging us to reflect upon our position in relation to artificially created intelligence. ANIMA creates the context which allows us to investigate the extent to which an object can feel, acquire agency, or even possess a soul.

projector, speakers, aluminum frame, pvc screen, air motors, pressure sensor, infrared sensors, generative software algorithms

Nick Verstand
Salvador Breed
Dirk Broenink

supported by
Creative Industries Fund NL
Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst